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 Graphic Design, Web, Ux, and branding

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Some things should be simple

The world is full of complex systems.  Things are constantly changing and the speed of the web is unfathomable. We work with simple styles that create the perfect balance of modern trends and timeless architecture.  

our team

There is a growing need for the web to be more personal.  We want to connect. Working with simple joy media, you work with a small team that brings who you are to life on the page.


One of our specialties is user interface design.  We think about human behavior and need more than anything else.  The design follows the movement, the gesture, the story.

Focus on process

Creating a website, brand, UX, or logo is about a lot more than just the product, it's quality is determined by the quality of the process.  Simple Joy is artistry and craft, function and form.  

Simple Joy Media is an intimate firm that packs a lot of punch in the diversity of their skills– Anita Anderson


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